Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cuban Television Sets



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a disgusting mercenary parasite. As always, people like you resort to lies because the truth doesn't work for you. First of all, there are three TV channels in Cuba, one of which is dedicated fully to education (meaning courses, not pop and alternative culture as in the case of MPT, butn then stupid people like you wouldn't want to count that as a channel), something badly needed in the US. Also, Cuba makes many TV sets itself. Your motives are obvious, even in a country where the government and commercial entities keep the public ignorant and misinformed. Freedom of speech is nothing without freedom of effect. I wonder what a more sophisticated culture will think years from now about a country where people sang about products incessantly, from drugs to appliances, and lied to the public as a routine matter. We're talking about a country in which more then 45 million people don't have health coverage, where adolescents and children have to give up their lives by the hundreds every day so that gun manufacturers can continue to make their profits. Interesting that fear from the terrorism of medical illness is not a right in the US, but the right to sell the tools of murder is. We're talking about a country whose population is cynically manipulated through ignorance and misinformation to vote for the powers that be, a country whose people think that they have a true democracy when in fact they are simply Skinner rats. I wouldn't be surprised that this site is just another espionage venue run by a government led by a real live moron not fit to govern a country which proclaims itself the greatest on this planet. We're talking about the world's greatest hypocrisy, not democracy. I am sure I can produce a picture just like the one you show depicting a Cuban TV set by going to a run-down slum in New York City. The difference is what's going on in front of the TV set. In the US, we might see a gang of teenagers smoking marijuana or injecting cocaine. In Cuba, we might see a smart, educated kid doing his homework. George Orwell is probably turning in his grave and lamenting that he chose the wrong country as his model for his book, "1984."

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