Saturday, June 25, 2005

How To Make Paper Planes

Nice Flash based site which shows you how to make paper planes.

An Alarm Clock.....With Added Bacon

Oh, yes - this is a must have. Click pic for more


Goth Lavvy Seat

"Are you the King of your castle? Leave the toilet seat down because your "Throne" room is about to go medieval. Your new Gothic Commode Seat will let everyone know that it's good to be the King. All you're missing now is two suit of armor "guards" around the toilet paper! "


So You Want to Build a Walking Stick

Not just any walking stick, though. How do you say W00t?


Camel Toe Cup - WTF?

I found this pic from the link in the sidebar about the last thirty images posted on Livejournal. Click pic to read properly. Dear God, please help!!

"I wanted to impress this guy at the bar, so I opened a beer with my cup we've been going out for three days he drives a camaro I'm in heaven."

Bobbie-Marie Mudflap, aged 52

Clearly doesn't improve your grammar.

EDIT - here's the original page

Prisoners' Handcuffs, Felons' Leg Irons and Gang Chains to the Trade

The history of Hiatt & Co.


There's A Catfish Up My Willie

AAArghhh!! Even more painful than shittin' a hedgehog.

I'd read about this but more detail here.

"Candirú is a tiny Amazonian parasitic catfish reported to swim into urethral and other body openings of unprotected bathers...... When it swims into the urethra, it can be difficult to pull out by its tail because the umbrella-like spines near its head may extend and prevent its removal."


Friday, June 24, 2005

The Complete Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products



Monopoly Live

"You Have 24 Hours...

To make as much money as you can. Pick a cabbie, buy properties, place apartments, but invest wisely; once you click GO it is in the hands of the cabbies for 24 hours how much money you make.

We have 18 taxis fitted with GPS, and they are the playing pieces in the biggest game of Monopoly ever played. Pit your cabbie against 5 others to make your fortune on the streets of London."


Coming To A Neighbourhood Near You.....

This is about dreadful police brutality in the Good Ol' Boy's USA, but it's now being used in GB more frequently. Nothing excuses this.


A Waiter's Tale

Nunc Dimittis

Wonderful blog entry from a waiter and ex-priest about, ah, read it for yourself.


Pavement Art of Julian Beever

Incredible Pavement Art


Knit Your Own Fry Up

An oldie but well worth repeating. Knitting pattern from Jackie magazine circa 1979.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time

Click pic


Glastonbury's Coming

Looking forward to this weekend and the festival (I'll be watching on the BBC) but what about the place?

Click pic for more


People confess things on a postcard and send them to this guy who publishes them. Dark, funny and sometimes inspiring. I probably need to lighten up - this stuff gets to me.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Great response to GWB's insistence on faith based education. Read All About It

Drugs In Video Games

Nice exploration of drugs references in video games. Click pic for more.


Champion Plook Squeezer

Do NOT view this video if medical gunge makes you ill. It's not a normal zit, BTW, it's a sebacious cyst and it stinks, believe me.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kite Photography With an Aberdeenshire Interest

Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Further pics of this site here.

Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven here.

Slain's Castle, Cruden Bay here

I came across this site purely by chance, being interested in the potential of kite photography. I love it!!


A Filmed Experiment On Telephone Telepathy With The Nolan Sisters

The Nolans? On the telephone? Telepathy? An academic paper, no less. Am I mad? Clicky piccy for story.

Straight From The Horse's Mouth and Other Phrases

The origins of all those sayings we use all the time. Click pic.


Same thing about nursery rhymes here.

Anyone Need A Butler?

Butlers are becoming very popular again, especially in the States, and particularly among the elite. Click pic if you need one.

"Jeeves, please arrange my underwear neatly."

"No, no, Jeeves, not while I'm wearing it."


Scientology Questions

Click pic for more

Tom's well into Scientology and is trying to get Katie involved as a “preclear.” So here are some of the 343 questions she may get asked.

• Have you ever deserted, or betrayed, a great leader?
• Have you ever smothered a baby?
• Do you deserve to have any friends?
• Have you ever castrated anyone?
• Do you deserve to be enslaved?

Far be it from me to criticise the beliefs of anyone but this is, quite clearly, a cult.



These are strange but interesting birds that have nested on flat roofs in Aberdeen for more than thirty years. Apparently, we have the biggest population in Europe. We have had nesting pairs on the roof of the building in which I work for many years and it’s an attraction I like.
This year something strange took place. Instead of nest building on the roof, this pair of birds decided to use the internal courtyards of the building. Three eggs were laid in one nest, which is no more than a shallow hollow in the gravel, then abandoned. She then laid three more in the other courtyard, one of which hatched recently. The other two eggs were then abandoned. It’s fascinating watching the chick grow and taking cover from the ubiquitous gulls (non-affectionately named shitehawks) which seem to harangue them endlessly.
This year, though it’s been another adult oystercatcher that’s done most of the hassling, frequently chasing the youngster while Mum and Dad make an incredible racket with their alarm calls. Mum usually escorts the little ‘un into some low bushes while Dad tries to scare away the hooligan invader.
All’s well just now, though, Junior is growing fast and is now chirping loudly. I’ll try and post a picture soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A National Treasure

BBC4 Audio Interviews A-Z - click pic. Superb.

"Excerpts from the BBC's extensive archives of interviews with authors, politicians, playwrights, architects, and other major cultural figures, from 1937 to the present. Among them: Albert Speer, George Bernard Shaw, Bob Marley, Werner Heisenberg, Alfred Hitchcock."


How To Make A USB Turd

No, I can't explain it either. Click pic for more shit. More daft stuff here.


Tricks Of The Trade

Web site similar to the TV shorts you see on the Beeb. Love it!!

Tricks Of The Trade


Exploitation Movie Posters

"The Devil's Web Gallery is pleased to bring art lovers everywhere this exhibit of adult and exploitation movie posters from the 1960s and the early 1970s."

What can I say? Superb collection of non-PC posters.


So You Don't Have To Bother - Aphrodisiacs Tested

Quick plate of oysters and I'm anybody's.


Ice Caves Of Antartica

Superb photos of ice caves - click pic.


Clean Up The Beach With Art

Brilliant idea for cleaning up beaches and providing art, as well as entertainment. I just hope this isn't turned into corporate bullying of local authorities. Click pic for more pics or read about it here.


Zimbabwe - How Much Longer?

The latest atrocity, as Mugabe destroys those urban areas in which the population who disagree with his monstrous regime reside. More pictures by clicking pic. G8 take note.

Read about it here.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Stanley Unwin - Deep Joy

"Hi ho and a jolly welcode to all you surfwide'n interwebber lopers. Here beholdy manifold things Stanley Unwinmost - all deep joy and thorkus for great laugh'n tittery. O yes. "

I first appreciated the wonderful Stan via The Small Faces album pictured above. Admittedly, my perceptions may have been altered at the time but I've loved his material ever since. Click pic for more.

Can't Decide Which Site To Visit?

Input your mood and be taken to a site that matches it. Absolute bollox but fun.


Truth Or Bovine Scatology? You Decide

"The monument is 600ft wide and 90ft high and has been dated to at least 8000BC. The oldest pyramid in Egypt, the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, was constructed more than 5,000 years later."

I'm always cynical about all this alien, tinfoil hat stuff. I'm not sure about this. Click pic for link.


All You Need To Know About Finding Shoes To Fit

This is the Brannock Device for measuring tootsies - click pic for more info.


Don't Blame You, Son

Click for bigness


Digital Photography Tutorials

Great newbie guide for people like me. Pic click to access.


Censored Reports Of Nagasaki Horror Now Available

"American George Weller was the first foreign reporter to enter Nagasaki following the U.S. atomic attack on the city on Aug. 9, 1945. Weller wrote a series of stories about what he saw in the city, but censors at the Occupation's General Headquarters refused to allow the material to be printed. Weller's stories, written in September 1945, can be found below."

Click pic for the horrifying story - we should never forget this.


Abandoned Russian Buildings

The above picture is of an unfinished and abandoned hospital building programme in Russia. Many others featured. Just click pic. For some reason these bleak pictures make me very sad.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Book Title - Boy Dates Girl

And the author is ?



Still on silly names, just what were the parents thinking here (check the name of the fourth accused)


This guy has a really good grasp of his subject, and pursues his goals with solitary determination.


Head In The Clouds

I love to sit outside in the late evening, listening to the surprisingly loud flight noises of the swallows, observing the odd bit of urban wildlife and reminding myself that if I don't re - point that garden wall, it's going to fall down.

Mostly, though, I'm lost in thought, not unusually inspired by clouds like these. These are photos by Lesley Jennings of Fraserburgh. Click the pic to view many more.


Photographic Art? Just Drop Your Camera In The Water

Click pic to view

If you really want to win awards, you don't need special talent - just drop the camera in the water.


Britain - A Kiwi View

Despite my increasing dismay as we lurch forward with ever-more restrictions on personal liberty, I still like my country (or at least the bit I live in) and would usually defend it to the hilt. This Flash post lets us know which bits others, or at least some Kiwis, notice.


Is "Pimp My Ride" the Right Expression?

Saw this ages ago but I was stuck behind a boy racer's stunningly- naff Nova yesterday and noticed he had something similar. Click pic for more awfulness.

Crazy eBay Mum

I'm not particularly houseproud. The room in which I sit is the "study", a wholly inappropriate description for a small room containing a desk and a PC, two old chests of drawers, two ancient chests or kists, an unopened Husky Kulekube, two stepladders, an old wicker stool and several boxes of, ermm, contents of some sort. So a little junk doesn't bother me.

So the question is, if I used eBay, would my house resemble this?


(image heavy page)


U K Urban Exporation

The exploration of abandoned buildings such as psychiatric hospitals, airfields etc. Fascinating stuff. The pic links to another page which gives you the choice of a few sites. Also links to sites abroad.

Fish, Just Fish

Given Aberdeen's industrial history and its reliance on fishing, I give you all you've ever needed to know about fish and lots more. Click pic to view.